Friday, February 14, 2020

Stress Effect and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stress Effect and Management - Essay Example ing for a picnic with my kids, I would first get panic attacks on how to go there and after reaching the spot, I would worry about how we would get back. By practicing Yoga, I have become calmer and I am able to control these panic attacks, plan my activities better and small issues don’t upset me too much. Yoga has helped me to reduce the harmful effects of stress. Some of the harmful effects that stress causes are headaches, exhaustion, reduced resistance to common colds and flu, digestive problems and acidity, distraction at work that can cause attention lapse and cause injuries, increased occurrence of Type 2 diabetes, premature aging, insomnia, unable to concentrate and focus on work, loss of sense of humour and tendency for rash flare-ups that can cause strained relations with colleagues and other bad effects. Too much of stress is known to cause migraines, cluster headaches and tension headaches and these cannot be cured by taking medicines. Stress also causes exhaustion and a general feeling of tiredness that drains away the creative abilities and victims feel tired and drained out after work. Too much stress causes natural resistance of the body to reduce and people become ill more frequently with colds, flu and cough and they also have problems such as ulcers caused by too mu ch secretion of the bile juice inside the stomach. Stress is also known to make people preoccupied and this can cause lapse of judgement while driving or at work and can lead to accident. It is also known to cause cardiovascular diseases that can cause artery blockage, heart attacks and other serious illness. Other than these, stress also makes people irritable and they are prone to flare up at colleagues, with very little provocation. Such behaviour causes a breakdown in interpersonal relations and effects work performance besides vitiating the atmosphere at homes. The whole observation is that stress is a needless by product of life that reduces the quality of life and causes

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