Saturday, November 2, 2019

Strategic Marketing Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Strategic Marketing Management - Essay Example marketing plan for the year 2008-09. â€Å"Strategic marketing management refers to the method of selling the products directly to the customers bypassing the retailers and distributors.† (Retrieved in In simple words, the main objective of the strategic management is to develop such marketing plans that could win the applause from the genuine buyers, customers, consumers and end users. Red Hat Inc. has recently launched the innovative software including iPhone 3 G, iPode and Apple TV as its new products. Its marketing management departments aims to present these products at international level by developing the comprehensive strategic scheme in order to make the product as an unconditional success. Though, almost all the software introduced by the Red Hat Inc. immediately captured the attention of the global markets, yet it also had to bear the brunt of failures because of launching some products without making strategic analysis. In addition, inclusion of thousands of companies with their computer merchandise and mobile phone accessories has created a situation of perfect competition everywhere; it is therefore, the Apple Inc. looks for designing a master plan of marketing the newly designed products. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is ambitious to run the affairs of the company in the same lines, as it has been being conducted by the most elevated organizati ons like Microsoft Corporation, Virgin Atlantic, Honda Car and other corporations of highest ranking. Even being a grand brand, the Apple products are not welcomed like hot cakes still in many parts of Asia, Australia and Africa, which is a sign of failure for the CIO. â€Å"The analyst firm is predicting global IT market growth for 2008 at 5.5% to 6%, down from 6.9% this year. The market intelligence group released â€Å"IDC Predictions 2008: The

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